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Create With Purpose

Creative services means so much more than splicing a graphic together in PhotoShop. When we say “create,” we’re thinking about a thousand questions (give or take a few!) that go into a campaign, questions you should always consider when starting a new, creative initiative: what’s the purpose? Who’s your audience? What appeals to them? How will we use images? Where will the material go? How many other ways can you use this material to support additional campaigns, disseminate on social, repurpose without regurgitating? Informative and creative content is a group effort, achieved through an active process of brainstorming, developing fresh ideas, trying a new concept, incorporating your brand, producing the material, and releasing it with effect to achieve your goals. Ultimately, creative services should populate your marketing queue with written and visual material for promotion through earned media but still retain the capacity to be reworked into as many pieces of content as possible.