Bluestone Energy’s Coy Stine interviewed in Boston Business Journal article on data center energy efficiency

Bluestone Energy’s Director of Data Center Services Coy Stine was recently interviewed in the Boston Business journal article titled “Local firms tap data center energy-efficiency market”. From the article: At Bluestone Energy Services, an engineering and project development firm founded in 1990, the opportunity for data centers has become a major focus over the past two years and has picked up speed this year, said Coy Stine, Bluestone’s director of data center services. The company designs custom energy-saving projects for data center cooling systems, which can cut 15 percent to 20 percent of a center’s power use, Stine said. Some recent projects have cost in the range of $200,000 but have received incentives from their utilities to cover nearly half of the cost, allowing for a payback period of less than two years, Stine said. Read the full article here […]

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Hurricane Electric’s Martin Levy interviewed by GCN about IPv6

Hurricane Electric’s Martin Levy was recently interviewed for an article on IPv6 titled “Enabling IPv6, one step at a time”. From the article: Where is the United States in the adoption of IPv6? It depends on which metric you want to use. If you use the number of IP backbones that are enabled for v6, we’re getting there. It’s possible that Europe is slightly ahead of us. There has always been a perception that Japan has been IPv6 ready far longer than anyone else, and that may be the case for certain networks in Japan. But I think we’re doing pretty good in the U.S. If you measure how many end-users have access to v6, then we’re not as far along as other countries. But it’s very spotty, and it is also a case that the statistics may be too […]

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Bluestone Energy’s Coy Stine writes article for Data Center Knowledge about retrofit strategies for data centers

Bluestone Energy’s Coy Stine, Director of Data Center Engineering, recently wrote about data center retrofit strategies in a piece for Data Center Knowledge. From the article: In these uncertain financial times, reducing data center operating costs has become a top corporate priority. Unfortunately, limited budgets often preclude efficiency initiatives that have high initial costs. An increasingly popular alternative approach involves leveraging technologies that improve the energy efficiency of existing equipment while minimizing up-front outlays and data-center disruption. Regardless of the methodology, considerations relating to safety, reliability and data-center uptime must be faced. Finding the right solution depends on a careful examination of financial and environmental goals, data center composition and layout, time horizon and budget. Read the full article here at Data Center Knowledge.

Bluestone Energy’s Peter Fairbanks interviewed in Boston Business Journal

Bluestone Energy’s President Peter Fairbanks was recently interviewed in the Boston Business Journal for their CEO Profile Segment. In the profile, Peter talks about Bluestone’s expansion and the energy conservation market. From the article: In 1990, Peter Fairbanks didn’t want to move to Connecticut for his job at an engineering company. So he started his own with his wife, Roberta, at the dining room table. At that time building-efficiency service companies were relatively rare, and there were few if any incentives for companies to green up their facilities. Twenty years later, that has all changed, and Norwell-based Bluestone Energy Services Ltd. is as busy as ever replacing lights, heating and air conditioning units and other power-guzzling devices with electricity-sipping models. Thanks to incentives and rebates from utilities, it’s also reducing energy costs while often delivering returns on investment of two years […]

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Hurricane Electric profiled in Network World

Hurricane Electric was recently profiled in Network World. From the article: IPv6 is the long-anticipated upgrade to the Internet’s main communications protocol, known as IPv4. IPv6 features vastly more address space, built-in security and enhancements for streaming media and peer-to-peer applications. All carriers and enterprises must run IPv6 when IPv4 addresses are depleted, which is expected in 2012. Hurricane Electric claims to be the No. 1 IPv6 backbone in the world in terms of the number of IPv6 networks that it peers with and the number of IPv6 routes that it announces. On Monday, Hurricane Electric will announce that it is the first network in the world to connect to over 600 IPv6 networks. This is twice as many IPv6-based interconnections as its closest rival, Hurricane Electric says. Hurricane Electric offers native IPv6 connectivity, IPv6-enabled Web hosting and a free tunnel broker […]

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Hurricane Electric’s Benny Ng interviewed for utility rebate piece in

Hurricane Electric’s Benny Ng was recently interviewed for an article in TechTarget about their use of utility rebates in a recent upgrade. From the article:   Where did you get your incentives?  We put in a higher-[efficiency] (Eaton) UPS that cost more than the baseline UPS [uninterruptible power supply]. We’ll be getting a sizeable incentive on this. We did a skylight project. We had a bunch of skylights on the roof that we ripped out and replaced with fiberglass, and we got a couple thousand dollars for that.   My point is that there are so many different projects that you can do — be it a UPS or an air conditioner where you’re getting tens of thousands of dollars — to smaller projects. It’s not like they’re only interested in big amounts of power savings. Anything you can do […]

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Bluestone Energy profiled in Baltimore Business Journal about recent expansion

Bluestone Energy was recently profiled in the Baltimore Business Journal about their recent addition of a Baltimore office. From the article: High electricity rates and local incentives for energy efficiency in Greater Baltimore have drawn a Massachusetts energy company to open an office here. Bluestone Energy Services of Norwell, Mass., opened what will initially be a small office with a regional staff of two salespeople, said Adam Fairbanks, Bluestone’s vice president for engineering and business development. But Fairbanks said the company expects to see growth here because companies are looking for ways to lower their energy bills. The company focuses on lighting, heating, cooling and data center energy efficiency. “It’s more cost-effective for companies to do these programs here because [energy] is more expensive,” Fairbanks said. He pointed to a Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. program that offers commercial and industrial companies […]

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Bluestone Energy recently interviewed for Reuters article on energy conservation

Bluestone Energy was recently interviewed for an article on trends in energy conservation. From the article:   Of about 70 billion square feet (6.5 billion sq meters) of U.S. office space, as little as 1 billion square feet (93 million sq meters) have been retrofitted, Terzic said. To illustrate the potential, McKinsey & Co projected that U.S. investments of $520 billion in building efficiency through 2020 would yield $1.2 trillion in energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.1 gigatons annually — the amount emitted by the entire current fleet of U.S. vehicles. Existing players in the field of energy conservation are Honeywell International Inc, Johnson Controls Inc, Siemens AG, Ingersoll-Rand Plc, and United Technologies Corp. Recent entrants are Chevron Corp, Cisco Systems Inc, IBM Corp, and Lockheed Martin Corp. Massachusetts-based Bluestone Energy Services Ltd is among dozens of expanding privately-held […]

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Hurricane Electric’s iPhone app for IPv4 countdown featured in CIO Magazine

Hurricane Electric’s new iPhone app that shows a countdown to when all the IPv4 numbers will be depleted was recently featured in CIO Magazine. From the Article:   here are a limited number of addresses left for Internet Protocol, version 4, the system that has powered the Internet since before the Web. After they have all been handed out, service providers and enterprises will have to make their systems work with the next version, IPv6, or use workarounds. IPv6 network backbone and collocation provider Hurricane Electric introduced on Tuesday an iPhone application that counts down the number of days until that moment of reckoning. On a simple page, the application lists statistics such as the number of IPv4 addresses remaining and the number of domains already using IPv6. The counter for remaining IPv4 addresses goes down in real time, though it’s based […]

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Hurricane Electric’s iPhone app for IPv4 countdown featured in The Web Host Industry Review

Hurricane Electric’s new iPhone app that shows a countdown to when all the IPv4 numbers will be depleted was recently featured at The Web Host Industry Review. From the Article:   In its latest efforts to educate the public about Internet Protocol version 4 address space depletion, IPv6-native Internet backbone and colocation provider Hurricane Electric ( has announced the availability of its free IPv4 countdown App for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The majority of today’s Internet traffic is composed of 32-bit IPv4 transmissions, however, as the number of Internet-connected devices rapidly grows, IPv4 addresses will simply run out. According to Hurricane Electric’s Tuesday announcement, to avoid projected address-space depletion by 2011, IPv4 systems must be transitioned to the newer IPv6 protocol, which has a much larger address space, yet comprises only a very small percentage of all addresses. “CIOs and network […]

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