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Our Philosophy

Why Milldam?

Milldam was founded with the purpose of sharing technical information and breaking news with a public audience hungry for stories about the world’s fastest growing industry.

Our interest in the technology, data center, energy, telecom, and facilities industries means that we are a boutique size firm with niche concentrations.

We work to find the best possible avenues for promotion, whether the goal is awareness of a new line of products, continuing the growth of an existing business or building brand recognition in preparation for a potential acquisition.

To win for customers, Milldam will always:

  • Maintain and reflect a culture of professionalism, reliability, integrity and responsiveness that match that of the largest consulting firms
  • Build trust through honesty, candor, collaboration and confidentiality
  • Achieve the highest possible standards of quality in our work and presentations

To maximize value for all clients, Milldam continually works to:

  • Cultivate relationships with members of the media, political officeholders and trade organizations
  • Stay on top of new technical developments, the latest media trends and the disciplines of our clients
  • Be an active member of the technology communities and of appropriate professional organizations

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